Goodbye, #UOSM2033!

As a year-3 psychology student, UOSM2033 actually took me by surprise as it unlike any other modules that I have studied before. Even so, I am glad that I made this attempt, as this module has provided me new insights into different topics; it has given me a chance to have a glimpse of others’ thoughts; it has enhanced my digital literacy rate.

Throughout topic 1 to topic 5, each and every week, I have had chances to do my own research and explore a certain area on my own based on a question provided; each and every week, I have had chances to share others’ ideas by reading and commenting on their work; each and every week, I have chances to reflect on how and what I had learnt over the past two weeks.

More importantly, through researching and creating a blog post for each topic every week, each topic has actually given me a new perspective of thinking – this wouldn’t have happened if UOSM2033 was studied the same way as many other ‘ordinary’ modules. It made me realise how important it is to try to learn how to think from a different point of view. Sometimes, you don’t realise how much difference this makes unless you have had a chance to share others’ thoughts.

What have I gained?



Self-test of digital literacy


Growing up with accessibility to the web, I have always thought of myself as a ‘digital resident’. However, UOSM2033 has shown me that there is much more I could have done online than just interacting with friends on Facebook, watching videos on YouTube, and sending off CVs to employers.

Topic 1 has introduced me to different types of approaches towards the use of the web; Topic 2 has made me understood different aspects, as well as pros and cons of having one or more online identities; Topic 3 has taught me new ways to market myself by creating an effective online professional profile that stands out; Topic 4 has allowed me to look into any ethical issues raised by use of social media, thus making me aware of the need to be carefully selecting what we put online; Topic 5 has made me appreciate open access – materials that are freely available online. Each one of these topics has provided me new insight into the dynamic digital world, reminding me that in order to keep up with the ever-changing world, there is to keep on learning and adapting.

How will I take this forward into the future?

Despite of  having learnt all the new information and skills via creating the blog posts for UOSM2033, I feel that there is a lot of space for improvements in terms of the development of my digital profile. Therefore, one of my new years’ resolution in 2017 would be to make use of all the things I have learnt from UOSM2033 to create a more successful digital profile that could potentially be useful in future. For instance, I will step up the game of marketing myself by creating blog posts regularly to express my interests and thoughts, as well as synchronising all my social media platforms, making new connections via LinkedIn and Twitter, in order to express my online persona more effectively.

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