Reflection: What the heck! Access denied!?

‘Open access’ – we couldn’t seem to appreciate this idea until we actually understand how it works. It is believed that most students would have taken advantage of the tremendous variety of free resources available online, whether it is a relevant journal article or a random YouTube video.

The current trend predicts that most online content will eventually be held behind a paywall. So, while most resources I have found under this topic were obviously free, it is believed that there are advantages and disadvantages to a content producer of making their materials freely available online. While I have written my blog post using a Psychology student’s perspective, Kevin has demonstrated what open access meant to him as an engineering student – his use of real-life examples such as Wiley and Khan academy has helped me understand the application of open access to the online platform. On the other hand, I found it very thought-provoking how Davina has used the difference between a shop and a museum to demonstrate the difference between open access and having a paywall online.

While both Davina and Kevin seem to favour open access (as most student would), I like to think that while a paywall may not be necessary, it is essential to be adding advertisements to encourage people who use the online resources frequently to donate funds, for the purposes of maintenance and enhancement of quality of resources. Think of it as a movie business, as mentioned by Joe – even though being able to download free movies online sounds extremely favourable, paying for such services may be a more sensible way to sustain the ability to enjoy the aforementioned services in a long-run. It’s like citizenship, while we enjoy certain rights, we have the duties and responsibilities. It all make sense, right?

Link to my comments:

Davina’s Blog

Kevin’s Blog



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